NewCo in the Press

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“Ahead of the Curve”

Tobacco Reporter 3. 2019

“NewCo: Independent with a Passion”

Company portrait | Tobacco Asia 5/6. 2018

A welcome Boost”

Opening of DIET factory in Hungary | Tobacco Reporter 3.2014

“Manufacturing from A to Z at CTG”

Opening of DIET factory in Hungary | Tobacco Journal International 1. 2014

“The secret of life is to keep everything well in balance …”

Interview with Rainer Busch | Tobacco Journal International 5. 2012

“NewCo’s New Take”

Company profile | Tobacco International 1./2. 2012

“Advisory Board”

Presentation of the TABEXPO Advisory Council | Tabexpo Prague 2011

“NewCo gets together in Europe” 

About NewCo’s Teambuilding Event | Tobacco Reporter 11. 2009

“Winners are …”

Golden Leaf Award for UTA  | Tobacco Reporter December 2007

“UTA expands into cyberspace”

Launch of the UTA online platform for selling and buying | Tobacco Reporter 4. 2007

“Walking the line online”

The concept of “Uncommitted Tobacco Auction (UTA) | Tobacco Reporter 3. 2007

“First UTA auction deemed a success” 

‘IndustryBriefs’- Report | Tobacco Reporter 1. 2007

“UTA announces improvements to its auction concept” 

Interview with UTA’s founding partners Rainer Busch and Marc Verhaeghen and its new shareholders Lawry Rickards and Arie Maan

“Recommitting tobacco” 

Presentation of UTA in ‘Editor’s Memo’ | Tobacco Reporter 9. 2006