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As part of NewCo’s diversification process, we have identified a product that we believe can tackle one of the world’s greatest challenges: access to clean water.
The entrepreneur had spent most of the last few years inventing a new filter, the Sydney 905 filters (filters and air purifiers) that would take care of access to clean water.
Newco is the worldwide sales agent for the sale of this product.


Mr. Jose Maria Costa joined NewCo in February 2021 as an advisor to management, aiming, among other things, to grow the business through diversification and sustainability.




NewCo at the TABEXPO in Amsterdam 




NewCo booth at the WTAsia in Surabaya




NewCo and friends at the Oktoberfest 2019



We are drowning in plastic!
“Enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth 4 times every single year.” Only 50% of these plastics are being reused! The rest ends up poisoning oceans and land, with drastic effects on wildlife and nature. Maintaining momentum to provide the so called greener future can have far reaching consequences so it has become essential to assume responsibility and be led accountable in terms of footprints and promoting a sustainable future.
Newco has decided to start embracing new greener resources in its daily business. In order to reduce the excessive use of plastic packaging for sample dispatch to its clients, Newco is investing into bio degradable, pesticide free bio cotton bags. One step in the right direction, to achieve a greater goal.
To give Suppliers the chance to jump on board and procure the same packaging materials, Newco will, on request, provide sample bags for sample dispatch to any business related with Newco. If you want to get ahead, then get started and help us reduce the carbon footprint.  Make the right choice now!



We are glad to inform you that we have enlarged our Global Team.
Mr. Julio Bernacki (Sales Manager) and Mr. Gerald Hocke (Logistic and Administration Manager) will be joining our team here in our new offices in Germany as of August 1st.



We are happy to announce that NewCo Germany is now located in the historical center of Friedberg in Friedberger Berg 5.








The newco- team ready to meet the clients at the World Tobacco in Dubai









A look into our booth in Dubai












October 4

Our Hungarian partners from CTC join us at the Oktoberfest in Munich



September 21

The newco- team ready to meet the clients at the Tobacco Intersupply in Dortmund







On November 17th., 2017 the Group registered under the name of “NewCo Tobacco Services Pte. Ltd.” a new subsidiary in Singapore for serving better their clients in the Middle and Far East.


NewCo’s succession plan

We are happy to inform that the daughter of Mr. Rainer Busch, Teresa Busch, joined the Newco team as Trainee. Over a 2 ½ year program she will be trained at NewCo Global Tob. Trade and Services GmbH and attend the Retail Management Academy to receive her Bachelor degree in Retail management.

A new enterprise was initiated made out of following entities
Erzeugergemeinschaft Deutschland Tabak W.V.- www.bundesverband-tabak.de
FLUE CURED VERONA S.A. – www.fluecuredverona.com
NewCo Global Tob. Service & Trade GmbH – www.newco-online.com
for the supply of SHISHA tobaccos

In June 2017 the shareholder separated their business and NewCo Global Tob. Service & Trade GmbH. with their head office in Germany was founded.






  Terms and conditions: info@newco-online.com



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