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NewCo provides non-multinational tobacco companies the opportunity of selling their products to a carefully selected regular clientele with gains in terms of cost, time, transparency and competitiveness. We handle the purchase and sale of a vast range of tobacco types on behalf of our clients.
Thanks to our innovative trade assistance concept the customers can outsource their sales and purchasing requirements, allowing them to concentrate on their core business and saving time and money in the process. We offer our clients an up-to-date world-wide infrastructure and a constant market presence.

The proven experience of the NewCo team provides an efficient and comprehensive service, whether in agronomy or commercialization, blending, processing or logistics. Our service portfolio extends from the tobacco in the field to when the last carton of finished product is loaded for its final destination. 

We provide high-level assistance in all these areas:

  • Tobacco cultivation according to Good Agriculture Practices standards
  • Purchase and grading of tobacco
  • Tobacco blending
  • Tobacco processing
  • Cost efficiency consultation
  • Quality control
  • Tobacco transportation
  • Complete client assistance programs
  • Client documentation and correspondence

NewCo has access to all kind of varieties, qualities and origins around the world and will be able to submit to you a competitive offer of any kind of tobacco product. Just about all existing tobacco varieties, from most origins and in all packing forms are available on request.  We can also provide CRES and RECON products.

NewCo offers expanded tobaccos (DIET) or the use of processing capacity to small- and medium-sized tobacco-products manufacturers – see the Airco-DIET expansion plant in Hungary.

If you would like to receive more detailed information or access the attached list of available products, please contact us.

Terms and conditions: info@newco-online.com


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