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Bangladesh has a high rate of illiteracy, frequent natural disasters and a lack of natural resources that constantly erodes its social and financial infrastructure.
Due to the overwhelming financial constraints of the Bangladesh government, health needs and education cannot be addressed only through the local government Bangladesh has an extremely high infant and child mortality rate.

In 2012 we decided to sponsor a foundation, calls “Hosney Ara Trust Foundation”.
This foundation is located in the main FCV tobacco area of Kushtia, where our partner “Biswas Tobacco” is operating. The families and relatives of our workers and the farming community will benefit from our donations. The main target is to address the needs of medical care and child education.
The support aims to serve hundreds of people by providing education, acute medical care, treatment and the rehabilitation of sick, injured, disabled and destitute women and children in the area of Kushtia. Many deaths could be prevented by a mass education program of preventative health and early intervention to manage infectious conditions. The ratio of healthcare workers and health facilities is extremely low and consequently health needs are vastly unmet.

1) Hosney Ara Rural medical Camp Service
Rural Health Camps are held in remote areas where there are no doctors. The Rural Health Camps provide successful medical care to thousands of people throughout Bangladesh. These camps are staffed by specialist doctors from urban areas.
Services include: basic medical care, specialist consultation, minor surgery and follow-up instructions for complicated cases. Also, focus on preventative health is strongly emphasized in these camps.

2) Hosney Ara Rural Education program
These are held in remote areas where the students are very poor.
They help poor students furnishing scholarships, clothes, food, books etc.

It is our strong belief that this support will improve the health and lives of the people in our region and every penny will be well spent and highly appreciated.  back 

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